Auto Cad

Auto Cad is one of the most important subjects of civil engineering as it 

involves creating digital designs of structures. The system helps in 

creating error-freeand precise structural designs that can enable space

 management and eco-friendly designs as well.Autocad courses are

 very important for civil engineers and diploma holders who seek designing

 jobs or are looking forjobs in the Information Technology sector as Autocad

 software is one of the most important digital course in the civil engineering 

field. The programme also makes engineers ready for the master of design 


 Career Options and Job Prospects

is a highly job oriented course and opens up some brilliant job opportunities

 in the design industry. Although the courses are short term, they enhance

 the chances of candidates to get high salary packages in the civil engineering,

 architecture and designing field. Following are some of the jobs that one can

 apply for after pursuing courses along with Civil Engineering:

Salaries after pursuing Autocad courses, in collaboration with B.Tech in civil

 engineering, can vary from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 9 lakhs depending on the skill

 of the individuals and their aggregate score in B.Tech programme. Diploma

 holders in Civil Engineering can earn up to Rs. 3 lakhs after pursuing Autocad 

courses. The best salary packages are offered at IITs and also to candidates

 with experience of 2 to 3 years.

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